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For more than 14 years, STYL'FOOT allows you to flock all your shirts of the size 6-9 month to XXL ! It is in our workshop equipped with press with transfer professionals that our specialists affix carefully your flocking to obtain a perfect result.

Personalize your shirt with your name or in the effigy of your favorite player. Our teams give you more than 300 official flockings identical to that carried by the players during all the official meetings.

And to go farther to the customization of your shirt, STYL'FOOT allows you to realize flockings personalized any character and police of letter is practicable.

Specialists formed to the most successful techniques are at your disposal.

Your flocking will be realize according to the recommendations of the manufacturers to optimize the resistance (temperature, pressure, exposure time).

An official flocking what it is ?

An official flocking is identical to that carried by the professional players.

He consists of a name and a number with a unique police, specially created for clubs pros.


A personalized flocking what it is ?

A personalized flocking and he too compound of a name and a number by respecting the same police of letter as an official.

He is realized in the flex identical to the official flockings.

The only difference it is because he has no small logo printed at the bottom of the number, nor of the outside outline or the color if contain.

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Need a special flocking ?

Don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail if need a specific flocking (with special character for example).

We can realize quite the polices of letter and any color !